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Calculate your price easily, and customize your container

Calculate your price easily

Would you like to increase your brand awareness and make smart use of your storage needs? We like to help you with your upcoming event, (company)moving, or marketing objective.

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Type of container:
Make your choice for the size of the container. Choose between 20 ft (6 m long, 2.44 wide, 2.60 high) and 40 feet (12 meters long, 2.44 wide, 2,60high).
Amount of containers:
Amount of days:
Enter the number of days you want to rent the container. The minimum number of days calculated is 14. If you want to add advertising on the container the minimum for the renting period is 90 days.
Container color:
Click on the color of the container(s) you want to rent. If you require a combination of multiple colors, please add comments.
Price container: €0,-


Would you like us to deliver the container?
You can pick up the container at our depot in Moerdijk. Then, of course, only handling costs will be calculated and – of course – no transportation costs.
Zip code delivery address:
Do you have your own tools available to remove the container from the chassis?
When you have your own crane and forklift available, only the regular transportation costs will be calculated. When we place the container(s) on the paved road for you, the transport costs including this service will be calculated.
Shipping cost: €0,- Handling fee


Advertisement on containers:
Wanneer u kiest voor een sticker dan is de minimale huurperiode van de container(s) 90 dagen. De afmeting van de sticker met logo/afbeelding is ca. 1 meter hoog en 4 meter breed en wordt aan 1 zijde geplakt.
Type of advertising:
A banner with container frame has the size of the long side of the container and is available single or double. If you choose a banner and frame than the minimum rental period is 90 days.
Upload your logo:
Upload a JPG, PNG, SVG of GIF file of your logo and view the example of your container
Price advertisement: €0,-
Company name:
Name contact:
Phone number:
Email address:

* All fields are required. We will always contact you to discuss the application and confirm.

Type container20 Ft
Amount of containers1
Amount of days14
Transport distance0 Km
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