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What is de minimum rental period of a container with TickingTheBox?

The minimum rental period is 14 days. When you opt for additional advertising (sticker of frame) the minimum rental period is 90 days.

How do I get my container delivered?

Delivery is booked at time of order and will usually be delivered on a Hiab (lorry with a crane on the back) which will lift the container to ground where required. Another possibility is that the container will be delivered on an articulated trailer without a crane and you lift your container tot the ground yourself, e.g. with a forklift truck.

How old is a container of TickingTheBox?

Generally containers used for this kind of purposes are at least 10 years old. TickingTheBox has NEW containers.

Do I need planning permission to site a container?

Shipping containers are categorised as temprary relocatable buildings and for many applications they do not need planning permission. However if they are to be places in a sensitive area or are to be in location long-term then planning permission may be required

How heavy are shipping containers?

Approximately, a 20ft container (weight empty) is 2.5 tonnes; a 40ft – 4.0 tonnes.

Can we visit your depot to view the containers and pick ours?

Yes, we welcome visitors to our premise for this purpose.

What kind of container branding and advertising are you offering?

We offer 2 types of advertising: your logo on a sticker, measuring 4 meters x 1 meter (WxH) of a banner with a container frame on one site of the container. This container frame can be covering the container itself or you can double the size in height.

What colour are your containers?

Our new containers are available as red, white, blue and orange. We would paint your container on your request if that fits your company colour better for branding or marketing opportunities.

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